Monday, March 18, 2013

I've been a long time gone. From my blog, from my hobbies, from my mind. Last year sucked the god damned life out of me but I'm slowly clawing my way back into something that resembles myself and I'm finally feeling the flutter of wanting to create again. I spent the bulk of last year trying not to drown, trying not to choke. Now it's time to get this boat out of the irons.  photo gunstain003_zpsba1b0ca7.jpg I feel in love with photography as a substitute for a life that had been left in wreckage. I needed something to absorb me, define me and, most of all, distract me. Ten years ago, it did just that. A decade later and another life change has slammed me smack in the face and I wish I could say I had let myself get swept up in craft and art and the neuroses of creating. I've been about as inspiring as a dust bin. But I'm changing that. I'm looking back through my last ten years of effort and seeing something worth loving, something that was fucking awesome for me. Not awesome in the cowabunga, tubular, totally gnarly way. Awesome in the religious way. The spiritual, sweep me up and gut my emotions and make me say thank you for it. But also, in the cowabunga, tubular, totally gnarly way, too. I'm back, bitches.

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