Friday, January 7, 2011

-Of Mock Turtle Soup and Other Unlikely Goings On-

I've been a stranger in these parts for a while now. I'm trying to double my efforts and not let myself get so off track.

One part of that plan was to cut back on the video games that I use a stress killer, and put that time into some genuine effort on the photography front, but it's extremely difficult when the trailers to sequels of my favorite adolescent games get released.

American McGee's Alice is finally getting revisited in The Madness Returns due out from Spicy Horse this year. While some people were underwhelmed by McGee's 2008 effort, Grimm, this return to an old favorite looks like it has a lot to offer:

The original American McGee's Alice took the familiar and iconic childhood story of an odd child's odd journey and lent it a morbid bent which over ten years later, remain's one of my all time favorite games.

The distortion and psychosis of the surroundings and the character herself were one of the earliest proofs that video games are valid forms of art and story telling.

Video games have found themselves held under the same critiques comic books faced before writers and artists like Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and James Jean found themselves on the scene and changed the way we treat the media, personally, I count the original Alice as one of those hallmark strides and am ridiculously excited to see its reappearance.

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