Thursday, April 29, 2010



The very first photoshoot I ever attempted with artistic intent was in the social sciences building of my university. Back in 2003 the building was a utilitarian concrete structure and covered in creeping ivy. It was bizarre, even then.

Over the years I've gone back over and over again. Because, shit, it makes for a great background.

But part of me also wonders if its inclusion in so much of my body of work might be something I should pay attention to. Is it the aesthetic? Is it habit? Is it creative rut?

I've heard so many writers comment that the settings, environments and non-sentient elements of their stories become characters in and of themselves. You see it a lot in sci-fi. The Millennium Falcon, The Bebop, Serenity. They were all ships, but they held their own personalities, so much to the point that they were able to influence the other more traditional characters.

Maybe that's what this building has come to mean for me. A backdrop that influences the atmosphere of my shoots.

Or maybe it's just true what they say about Capricorns.

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