Wednesday, July 1, 2009

-The Truth Will Bite Your Tongue-

Thing about Southern families is that if you're the son, you've got it made in platinum, at least in some respects. There's a facet of the culture that just leans on the side of being overtly forgiving to the boys in the family. It's the odd side of Old World.

It's also something that, if you're a girl, you're just gonna have to get over. I've watched my brother get away with some massive doozies while I got tossed out of the house once for staying out late.

My momma more than believes in tough love, and as an adult, I find myself in full agreement with the concept and the zero tolerance policies my parents held for me ended up working to my benefit in the end. But there is a whole lot of cheek biting that goes on when I hear about some of my brother's escapes being relayed to me with indulgent tones. Especially since I know, had it been me, I would have had my ass tanned and racked. With good cause.

I can't say that I really understand the reasons why there is this attitude, other than to say I know it exists and I know it's not gonna change. There's a large part of me that's just given up on finding some kind of equal ground on that particular edge. But maybe it's made up for in other ways.

It's one of life's hypocrisies and I suppose it's just gonna have to remain one of those dualities that I keep coming up against as I continue with this project.

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