Friday, July 3, 2009

-diptych, triptych, lick it-

I'm surrounded by amazing artists. I have an entire slew of friends who are beyond the bounds of talented and are patient enough to deal with my piles of bullshit, all the while encouraging me along in my own bumbling with photography. And for years they've been trying to get me to learn how to explain my work.

If I'm serious about grad school (and that's the whole damned point of this blog) I need to start dissecting my stuff. There's something more than a little vain about the whole thing, but what else is art than reflections of your own glorifications?

Or some such shit.


One of the things that continues to crop up in a lot of my stuff is the use of diptychs. The use of multiple panels to reinforce a narrative has always appealed to me, and I love the idea of flow and series, but they also offer another advantage- display of complementary and competing dualities.

I make a lot of noise about juxtapositions and pluralism. I like the idea of the choir girl and the whore, murder for peace. I grew up brow beaten on the idea of accussation and salvation, the benediction and the shamed. Plus, I'm total shit at explaining myself on the spot, so the more a photo series can talk for itself, the less I'm gonna get my back up.

Of course, diptychs have a long history of Ecclesiastical use, so co-opting the concept seems a typical fit for me.


I am what I am, and what I am is a creature of habit.

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