Wednesday, June 24, 2009

-Way Down in the Hole-

One of the things you'll have to admit to yourself when you get involved with art is that you're gonna beg, steal and cheat off of everything you come into contact with. What I mean by this is that everything you're exposed to will find its way into whatever you do, however you do it. Just fucking accept the fact and run with it.

Trust me, you'll be less constipated when you do.

One of the more direct influences on what I do is music. I listen to it while I shoot and I listen to it while I edit. Keeps me in the same mindset throughout the process that way. Sets a mood, looses the time. 9 times of 10 that music is gonna be Tom Waits.

I'm an absolute heathen for the man.

His music just makes me feel sexy. It makes me swagger. And who wouldn't want that?


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