Monday, June 29, 2009

-These Shoes Were Made For Swagger-

Small fact of life? I require a pair of blue suede 4.5 inch fuck me pumps in my life.


I can already hear myself running around shouting obnoxious Man From Memphis related shit. 

When it came to what station to listen to in the car, my mother and I are down right combative. She's likes disco. I like...not disco. I like 90s rock. She thinks it sounds like horse shit. But there was always a compromise to be struck when it came to Elvis. I'm pretty sure the Powers That Be finally got sick of all our squawking that they ended up inventing the All Elvis XM channel.

That just about shut us both the fuck up and now all we yell about is volume.



  1. This is me and my mom and the Ramones. or maybe Elton John.

    But I remember the first time I realized my mother liked the Ramones when I was like 13, maybe she wasn't all bad.

    By the way, I haven't commented before, but I've really loved reading this - Lizzie

  2. Yeah, I really get all of my musical taste from my dad. He was the one that taught me about The Stones, resonator guitars and crowd control at concerts. My mom and I are a whole other ball game.

    I'm really glad to know people are reading! It's turning into something I'd really like other people to see.