Friday, June 26, 2009

-Aqua Lung-

It hit fucking 106 in Texas today. Hotter than the Devil's asshole. The heat gets just as oppressive in Florida and we had humidity to add into it, but we also have the springs. 


Jewel blue and cold enough to numb your lips, the springs were one of the little glories of my childhood. Sure, they're filled with gar, gators and rednecks, you're probably going to get in a shoving match with your cousins that'll end in your gran beating the shit out of the both of you and you might get lost out in the cypress, but as far as escaping heat, they were the were the cat's paw.

There's hundreds of these freckling Central and North Florida, but my family has always frequented Hart Springs the most. The springs were also where I picked up another fascination of mine- cave diving. 

I hear people shit talk Florida a lot now that I don't live there and having grown up around this sort of thing, how could you find offense in such a place? There's nothing like it anywhere else I've found myself and they remainpart of my litmus test of beauty.


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